The Space Caulks

A team of legendary guardians seeking peace in a world where two forces collide. Whether it was by fate or by chance, these guardians have one goal in mind. Fill the void left behind by the Darkness and the Light. Seek the truth.

Become Legend.



History books speak of the story of the battle of Six Fronts. The legendary fight between four Titan regiments and the forces of the Fallen House of Devils. They speak of the most
powerful keepers of the City. The Titans, undefeated crucible champions; Commander Zavala, Lord Shaxx, and Lord Saladin held the line and defended the city with all of their might. What these books don't speak of is the fourth Titan champion. As Zavala, Shaxx, and Saladin forced the Fallen to retreat, a 6th Fallen House of Devils regiment appeared from the woods beyond. It appeared as if the Fallen would penetrate the City's defenses. Suddenly, a shape in the distance is seen jumping over the walls of the City. Before Zavala, Shaxx, or Saladin can point out who it was, they were blinded by an overpowering flash of light. They could not see, but could feel the world burning around them. When the champions regained their sight, all that was left of the 6th Fallen regiment was dust and a figure standing ablaze. The unknown Titan shifted his head slightly to the right. " Is that Drso...?" before Zavala could finish, the Titan disappeared into the woods.

Till this day, legendary Titan Saint-14 searches for his long-lost brother. People often believe to have seen Drsouz within the Trials of Osiris, but are unable to share their experience with others as their lives are short-lived. He is a savior, a crucible champion, a legend.


Evil Souz

Legends speak of a Hunter, a master of the frontier. A Hunter that takes on many shapes and forms; that of lightning, fire and most importantly, void. Exiled by the city after refusing to ever be rebooted, this Exo Hunter goes by the name Evil Souz. Torn between the light and the dark, this Hunter takes no side, instead bending the rules to suit his own particular situation. After years of experience prowling the wilderness and wastelands, Evil Souz fights for what he believes is right. Known for his stealth, marksmanship, speed, and finesse, not much else is known regarding this Hunter. Rumor has it, this Exo Hunter was one of the first Exos ever created, with traces of his creation leading to a specific, hidden journal. But who created Evil Souz? Have they forgotten about their creation after all these years? Or do they knowingly let this exiled Exo Hunter fight their battles for them...

From a mysterious journal,

"See, the reboots, they don't wipe it all away. Not everything. And the new life, plus the Light, it does something real funny to what's left. Amplifies it, scrambles it, reshuffles the fragments like a dealers riffling a deck of cards, putting the hands we've already won and lost back into play."

"I've been listening to nothing but my heart knocking for over twelve hours. Low on air, I promise myself this job is the last. Promise myself this time I mean it.



Swoldier Souz

Everyone knows the story of Eriana-3 and her fireteam of guardians. Their attempt to kill a Hive God and their ultimate demise. Unheard of, is the story of the guardian that was left out. A pupil to one of the six guardians that plunged into the depths of the Hellmouth. Now banished from the City, Whispers and screams from the Deep tear through the mind of this Awoken Warlock. His goal, to uncover the secrets behind the disappearance of his former master. To find the truth, he must let in the Darkness, without letting go of his Light. He must form the bridge between life and death, to understand the enemy and gain access to their netherworld. For it is here, where he will find his answer.

The whispers continue...

"One day we shall be reunited, my pupil. But today is not that day. You could have brought me back from this netherworld, but you are not Kings and Queens of the Deep. For your have toppled Oryx, but you have not replaced him; you have failed me. There must be a strongest one. It is the architecture of these spaces. We shall meet again.

And then, a terrifying silence...



The battle at Dwidler's Ridge between the famous Shin Malphur, wielder of The Last Word, and the corrupt Dredgen Yor, wielder of Thorn, is one that all guardians are familiar with. Legend has it that Shin Malphur, a Palamonian and pupil to Jaren Ward, a noble guardian and original wielder of The Last Word, struck down Dregen Yor and his cursed Thorn as revenge for his mentors peril. Shin believes he has succesfully avenged his master; yet this was not the case. The sad truth lies within a Palamonian Hunter's journal.

From Sleewy's Journal...

"I am torn. Do I break my brother's heart or do I save his life? I wish I wasn't there to see what I saw that night. Thus, I wouldn't be burdened with this decision. Jaren was acting odd throughout our hunt to find the cruel Dregen Yor. His ghost periodically fixing it's eyes upon my brother, as if it knew something non of us knew. My curiosity took over me. As our group took shelter for some much needed rest, and the night rolled on, I knew something was out of place. I waited. While our group slept, I cloaked myself and wandered to tree line. And then, gunfire. Several quick bursts from a gun too familiar, the Last Word. Then, one loud, dark, and unmistakable echo. Hushed and cutting into the night. It was Dregen's, Thorn. My cloaking mechanism wore off, and I quickly took refuge behind a tree. What I saw next is something that would haunt me till this day. Jaren Ward and his ghost moving in opposite directions. But no sign of Dregen Yor. And then, it hit me. Jaren staging his death? It all made sense. He did not want Shin, the person who loved him and looked up to him, to know who he truly was. And so, that day finally arrived at Dwidler's Ridge. With his face covered by the helmet feared by all, pupil and mentor, unknowingly, were face to face. I loved my brother, and so I made my decision. Cloaked and out of sight, The last thing I heard was Shin's voice. "Yours... Not mine".



Many know of the secret cult of followers known as the Cult of Osiris and their leader. Osiris was once a hero of the battle of the Six Fronts. But his desire for truth about the purpose of Guardians and the nature of Darkness drove him to madness and to his eventual exile from the City. Osiris has yet to be seen ever since his exile, but one of his disciples, Brother Vance, has appeared in the Reef. In honor of Osiris, the Cult created a crucible tournament called the Trials of Osiris in order to recruit the toughest Guardians to their cause. Guardians from all over the galaxy take part in the tournament. The first rounds providing little to no challenge, giving these Guardians false hope. Towards the final rounds of the Trials, Osiris himself sends his most formidable champion to truly test those who seek the legendary Warlock himself at the lighthouse on Mercury.

Dibbblet, a multi-flawless and unbelievably powerful Sunsinger Warlock, stands between you and ultimate victory. Dibbblet is not immortal. But with Sunsingers, death is only the beginning. A Tlaloc by his side with unbelievable firepower and an ability to unleash a fury of grenades that will burn you to ashes. Dibbblet decides who gets through to the lighthouse, and who will think of Osiris as only a myth.



Level: 40
Maximum light: 315
Primary: Hung Jury
Secondary: 1,000-Yard Stare
DTR Score: 35,391 (Top 2%)
K/D: 1.51 (Top 8%)
Most Kills in One Game: 41 (Top 5%)
Longest Killing Spree: 23 (Top 6%)
Total Kills: 19445 (Top 2%)
Total Assists: 5662 (Top 2%)

Drsouz - Sunbreaker Titan
Drsouz - Sunbreaker Titan
Evil Souz - Nightstalker Hunter
Evil Souz - Nightstalker Hunter

Evil Souz

Level: 40
Maximum light: 318
Primary: Nirwen's Mercy
Secondary: Patch-A
DTR Score: 42,368 (Top 2%)
Wins: 1,047 (Top 8%)
Most Kills in One Game: 34 (Top 24%)
Total Kills: 22,289 (Top 2%)
Total Assists: 7,987 (Top 1%)
Precision Kills: 4,650 (Top 3%)


Swoldier Souz

Level: 40
Maximum light: 316
Primary: No Land Beyond
Secondary: Conspiracy Theory-D
DTR Score: 37,488 (Top 8%)
Wins: 964 (Top 6%)
Total Kills: 18,778 (Top 9%)
Total Assists: 5,439 (Top 9%)
Precision Kills: 5,050 (Top 7%)

Swoldier Souz - Voidwalker Warlock
Swoldier Souz - Voidwalker Warlock
Sleewy - Bladedancer Hunter
Sleewy - Bladedancer Hunter


Level: 40
Maximum light: 318
Primary: The Last Word
Secondary: 1000-Yard Stare
Year 2 Guardian - New Space Caulk
Best Game Score: 34,450 (Top 8%)
Most Kills in One Game: 33 (Top 35%)
Trials of Osiris: 2x Flawless



Level: 40
Maximum light: 317
Primary: Tlaloc
Secondary: Antimony XVI
DTR Score: 33,941 (Top 9%)
Kills: 11,261 (Top 7%)
Most Kills in One Game: 39 (Top 12%)
Ability Kills: 6,356 (Top 5%)
Precision Kills: 2,270 (Top 9%)
Total Trials of Osiris: 15x Flawless

Dibbblet - Sunsinger Warlock
Dibbblet - Sunsinger Warlock

Cult of Caulks

Full list of Space Caulk disciples. Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks and their favorite sub-classes.

B4M Poseidon- Hunter: Bladedancer

JV Smooth- Warlock: Voidwalker

Currently recruiting guardians...


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